We’d like to support the stories and protests against this war in Ukraine in any way we can so please, take these tools normally used for entertainment and games, and use them for peace and protest.

We stand with the people of Ukraine who fight for their freedom and independence. We stand with the people of Russia who do not want this war.

Story City is an app that allows you to overlay digital stories over the real world, where they only open if you are standing in the right location. The app also allows you to view these stories from any where in the world via Spoiler Mode.

Last year we imagined and hoped this technology would be used to combat the forgetfulness of the media cycle, and the censorship that comes with removing protests and protestors. So place your recorded footage, your stories, your encouragements for peace in the places you protest – we will store them there digitally for people to access even if you are forced away.

You can access the Creator Tools to set your stories here: https://storycity.app/

You can download the Story City app to access these stories, direct from on-the-ground storytellers here: https://about.storycity.app/about/download-story-city-today/

You can see a video for how to use the creator tools below. Apologies for the focus on entertainment and games – it is what we are usually used for as a platform – we welcome your true and important stories with much love and hope you forgive the lightheartedness of this video in such serious circumstances.

Our tools are only in their beta stage, which means we are still in that stage of development where we have to manually approve stories, but we will try to do this as quickly and urgently as possible and if it turns out we are being helpful, our dev team is going to accelerate our development so that we can get the systems in place so we don’t have to manually approve the stories for them to go live.

Finally, our graphic designer for our app, Dimitri, who is responsible for the wonderful interface you see every time you open it, is Ukranian. We’ve been checking in with him every couple of days, but it’s been heart-breaking to constantly think, ‘are he and his family okay’??

This shouldn’t be happening to you Dimitri, this shouldn’t be happening to anyone. Hopefully we can help in this small way.