Accidentally triggered the wrong location? Don’t panic! Continue to follow the map to AA13 to meet Ram and his brother in Royal Arcade.

AA12 comp

Magic and Investigation

You emerge through water and fall hard on your knees on the pavement, sopping wet, coughing and gasping.

“Sorry, I should have warned you about the water.” Sita helps you up. She’s soaking wet, too. “This is usually where my portals come through in the CBD.”

“What if they saw us!” You’re panicking a bit, wringing out your top as people passing give you weird looks.

“Don’t worry, nobody sees the actual stepping out of a portal.” Sita wrings out her own clothes, shivering. “We need to get changed. Then I’ll take you to meet the others.”

“The others?” You shiver. Did you do the right thing, following her? Just in the short trip from Fed Square to St Paul’s, to Hosier Lane, to here, the world has become a different place – a place of magic and murder, side by side.

“We’re a group of good magicians, fighting the secret society Ram got caught up in, with his brother Lakshman. They’re the ones who killed Maricha, because he wanted to betray their plan – to conquer the city with dark magic – to the police. They call themselves The Golden Deer.” She pauses as your mouth drops open.

“That’s what my informant said I needed to find… they were dressed in…”

“Hat and glasses?” She supplies and you nod. “We don’t know who that is, but they help us out from time to time. You can trust them. And the fact that they got in touch with you means I can trust you. So it’s time to stop Ram and Lakshman once and for all, and I need your help to do it.” She rubs her eyes, sighs, and picks up a couple of wet leaves from the bottom of the Waterwall. “This portal neutralises evil magic and strengthens good magic. We’re going to draw a magic circle around their initials, in leaves, to summon and trap them. With the two of us combining our powers, it should work.”

“But how did she get enough power to do it?”

Ram shakes water out of his eyes. “For a spell like that, she’d need help. A lot of help. From someone with great power like hers, made even greater. Her portals strengthen good magic.” His gaze shifts from Sita to you. “You,” he whispers.

You look straight back, feeling power blossom further in your fingers. “Me.”

Sita nods to you, wearily. “Well, fellow magician – would you like to do the honours?”

You nod, and dial 000, a big grin spreading across your face. Fellow magician?

Magic and investigation – you’ve found your perfect career.



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