The Omicron - compressedCan you hear me? Good. You are in great danger…

No, you don’t get to read the fine print, that’s not how quests work. A hero always commits to the path before understanding it… You are one of the chosen, quested to collect omicron to stop the invasion of our world. Will your choices make you THE Chosen One? Or will Brisbane, and the world, fall to the affected?

This adventure starts at the entry to Post Office Lane opposite Post Office Square in Brisbane.


Rating: G


Narration: Isobelle Carmody

Illustration: Gabriel Cunnett and Emily Craven

Music by: Adelaide The Girl



This adventure, in comparison to others on this app, is one of our more epic adventures (it was written by Isobelle Carmody after all!) and will take between 1hr and 1hr45mins to complete (2.5kms to 5kms walking). Make sure you bring water, snacks, weather appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes to complete your adventure.

You’ll be ‘collecting’ Omicrons during this adventure which you can do by either taking photos or drawing them. If you wish to draw them, don’t forget a sketchpad and drawing implements!

Enjoy your adventure!


This story was made possible by the Brisbane City Council Innovation Award.



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