The Omicron - compressed

Nexus 6C: The ABC Building

Yes the Wheel of Brisbane is omicron…

My voice is getting weaker?  Oh. I’m sorry … the hive has begun to dismantle me…

Yes, I am the Omicron.  I was …

Game over

I’m Isobelle Carmody, many thanks for playing my story, The Omicron. Ok, so you didn’t save the world, that’s a shame. But you know the great thing about playing this game? You can have another chance, another chance to save the world. Why not try just one more time? I would love to see the Omicrons you have collected around the city, please post your album of Omicrons on the Story City Facebook page with the hashtag #TheOmicron.

Like to know what would have happened if you’d chosen differently? Go back to the start location to uncover another ending.



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