Nexus 7: Auchenflower Anglican Church

You have reached the final Nexus. All that remains is to find the last omicron. The only help I can offer is to tell you that it is small and it is old and could be anywhere in the graveyard or church. I can’t help you find this one any more than I could help you find the others.  No, it’s not obscured.  I can tell you that much, but it is very, very powerful.

Yes, you’re right, my voice is fading. The hive has sent its minions to disable me.  It has been working on this for a very long time.  It knows that I would thwart it if I could. It does not matter what happens to me, because it is all up to you now. It always was up to you, my friend.

Yes, I do know the meaning of the word. I always knew its meaning intellectually, but now, I think I truly understand it.  I’m sorry to leave you.  I feel we have come to know one another in a way that I was not able to know the other chosen.  I don’t know why, but it does occur to me that our closeness enabled me to guide you more effectively. I feel you have trusted me, and that has caused us to bond.  It was that bond that enabled us to come to this point, but now, you must go on alone.

It’s strange but now I think I also understand the meaning of sadness. It is good to know the true meaning of words.

What will happen next?

Well, either you are The Chosen one and the omicrons you have collected will merge with the last image and they will close the rift gate whereupon the virus will die, leaving all of your people unharmed, or the omicrons are too weak and the gate will not close.

I do.  I truly believe that you are the One.

Now the hoard of affected is converging. They will reach you in seconds. Have courage. Find the final omicron. It is your only hope now.

You did it. You are The Chosen One.

The gate is closing. You saved the world!


The End


I’m Isobelle Carmody, many thanks for playing my story, The Omicron. I would love to see the Omicrons you’ve collected around the city, please post your album of Omicrons on the Story City Facebook page with hashtag #TheOmicron.


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