(An ongoing blog post to answer any and all questions we have been receiving).

We are allowing people to meet and make their own teams (assigning teams normally doesn’t work well as some personalities just don’t work well together) and we have several ways of doing that:

a) We have a little bingo card with prompts to help with conversation with new people – a square might say ‘has played pokemon go’ or ‘first time creator’ or ‘loves art’.

b) We have several creative warm ups or rehearsals where groups at each table will be trying to brainstorm some story ideas with prompts. This is to allow you to feel what it’s like to work with other people in the room without having to make small talk.

c) We also have a discord channel that allows everyone to continue conversations post Friday to see if they are a match team wise. 

On Sat morning if you haven’t found a team we can group you with others who are also still looking for a team. But I do want to stress that teams of 1 are welcome, and celebrated and we will have an ‘Alone Together’ table that allows single person teams to create and be supported but work on their own thing. Our goal is that no matter how you vibe, there is a space for you to do so. And even people who identify as introverts have a seat at our gatherings because we believe all creatives belong at a create-a-thon! We will have an introverts-only group for the rehearsal events as well, because we want everyone to have a chance to comfortably participate!

As we get more questions about the weekend, we will keep updating this blog post so stay tuned and keep checking back!

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