We’re launching a new project in Edmonton this Summer and we’re on the look out for a freelance producer/storyteller to help us pull together the content for this immersive and interactive storytelling experience. But more than that, with more projects coming onboard (both fictional and non-fiction) from across Canada and the US, we’re hoping to move from contract, to part-time, to full-time work with our chosen individual, joining a dynamic team of immersive storytellers for a brand new platform.

The deadline for applications is the 26th of April 2021. If this adventure sounds like it’s for you, read on…

About Story City

Story City is a platform and GPS app for location-based storytelling, with each experience only opening if you’re in the right location; transforming streets into adventures, and creating new ways for people to interact with stories, innovative industries, and cities. Whether it’s real-life choose your adventures, puzzle trails, or immersive tours, we bring stories and public space to life, check out our previous stories here.

At Story City, we are of the firm belief that it is local stories and storytellers that are the change makers in our society. We empower creators to make a career in the cities that they love, by telling stories they can live. We want to redefine stories so they’re something you’re a part of, rather than something you’re told, and to make cities places you interact with and explore, rather than just walk through. We’re a little bit of GPS, gaming, AR, and adventure all rolled into one.

The Project & Your Role

In partnership with Startup TNT, and thanks to the support of ERIN, we are launching Starting Up Edmonton, an immersive experience showcasing the city’s broad range of innovative companies and Edmonton’s most unique places.

While incentives and programs are the main way innovation ecosystems have drawn talent in the past, the resource that many fail to take full advantage of is the stories of its entrepreneurs and the livability of the city itself. This resource is the emotional lever for decision makers, where you decide to set up a business isn’t just about where is the best place to get your business ahead, but about where is the best place to set up a life.

Storytelling and a city’s unique, engaging features build that emotional connection missing in so many of the economic development strategies. Stories of and from the entrepreneurs not only give a personal testimonial to the support of the ecosystem, the depth of innovation, and the access to talent or office/lab space, but the feel of the community you will become a part of. Whereas the highlighting of the unique places that make Edmonton theirs showcases how a potential company’s team will find the inspiration and richest life, love, and entertainment for them and/or their family.

As storyteller and producer you will be creating ‘Origin Stories’ for 7 selected start-ups from the Edmonton ecosystem. This will include:

  • Crafting questions and conducting initial interviews with the CEOs of these companies – investigative journalism style!
  • Crafting of the story into a compelling narrative,
  • Selection of immersive experience locations,
  • Co-ordination (and shooting if you have the skillset) of video/audio interviews on location,
  • Editing of video/audio (if you have the skillset – editorial feedback if you don’t) into bite sized 3-5min stories for use in the immersive experience and reuse via social media, podcasts, partners etc.

Application & Compensation

$4000-$7000 depending on skillset in video.

Because this project has a strong video component, having a skillset in film/videography is a plus. However, as we mentioned, we are looking for a producer not only for this specific projects but many projects into the future which will cover storytelling in a bunch of different formats from fiction, to non-fiction, to journalism, to video, audio, theatre, music, publishing, and gaming. So being strong in creative production and editorial feedback/workshopping is the main thing we’re looking for – no matter the creative industry. We can always bring in a videographer for shooting/editing if you are strong in other areas. We will just adjust the budget to allow for a videographer to accommodate our chosen candidate.

Please send a brief CV, and 2-3 samples of previous work (written, production, video etc). In addition we want to know more about you as a person! So we’re after a 3min video (via youtube link) from you answering the questions below (it doesn’t have to be fancy, just straight talking to a camera is fine) we just want a sense of who you are in real life:

  • Tell me something interesting about yourself/your story that you don’t have on a CV? (I don’t want to know about your professional experience, I want to know about you as a person)
  • What is the silliest thing you’re passionate about?
  • What excites you most about the future of storytelling/media?
  • What was it about Story City/the project that made you want to apply to us?

Email your application to ecraven at storycity dot com dot au by 26th of April 2021.

We can’t wait to meet you!