Pretty exciting to have our wonderful Edmontonian creator Elisabeth Shenher and her new story on the Story City app in downtown Edmonton, called “Power Play”, profiled by CBC Edmonton at Edmonton AM radio with Mark Connolly, Tara McCarthy.

You can listen to this 5min profile here.

This story on the Story City app is available for free for anyone to take a time-travelling adventure through downtown!

Here’s a little more on the adventure YOU could be taking through Edmonton streets:

Power Play

You just wanted to grab brunch with a friend at Hotel MacDonald, only to find Hockey star David McWayne has been murdered! Before you can say “but the playoffs!”, enigmatic Detective Timely whisks you on a journey through time to change this hero’s – and our city’s – fate forever.

A million thanks to Tara, Mark, and City of Edmonton – Local Government Downtown Vibrancy fund for making this story, and 8 others in the downtown core possible for Edmontonian’s to explore this summer.

Download Story City on your app store to explore!