I thought it was time to trial a community mentors program here at Story City and see if anyone is interested in joining me to produce stories that create bridges of understanding in our communities.

Over the past 12 months I’ve found myself with a problem. I have had several not-for-profits and academics approach me about using Story City to create stories that help bridge cultural divides and shine light and understanding on issues with interactive stories that hopefully create change for the communities they’re working with.

I had one academic who is based in Cyprus, an Island in the Mediterranean, where Greek and Turkish populations are constantly in upheaval and dispute over differences. He wants to use narrative mapping and locative story as a way to bridge the cultural divide between the two groups.

Another wants to give women in Mumbai who have suffered at the hands of domestic violence a chance to have their voices heard during an arts festival in 2020.

The problem is, I’m just one person and I don’t have the spare time needed to build Story City AND provide mentorship and feedback to get these and many other amazing projects that want to change our world onto the Story City platform. So I reluctantly told them that I didn’t have the capacity or way to get them on Story City until we were able to raise enough money to develop an open platform. But I couldn’t help but think there MUST be a way to get these projects out into the world.

That’s why I’m making this video, and where you guys come in. I know a lot of brilliant editors, creative producers and story doctors in here who have the ability to provide feedback, mentorship, support and production help to these sort of projects. The projects who don’t have the money to pay anyone at Story City, but whose stories I think you’ll agree, deserve to be heard.

What project you want to take on can be entirely up to you. I’ll do an open call out for any not-for-profits or academics who’d like to submit a project with a social based outcome for consideration by this new group of community mentors. I will provide those of you who want to join me with all our Story City PD training, past examples, and even a reference for your resumes if experience in this field will help you find a job.

At Story City we want to empower local people to tell stories that will change another’s world view, to redefine stories so they’re something you’re a part of, rather than something you’re told. If any of you are called to join me in this new community mentor capacity, please email me at the address in the top right of the website, or PM us on our Facebook Page.

And thanks!