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Will we save ourselves from a Ghostly Curse with creator and landscape architect Mark Jackson? In this Adventure Hour we’re diving into choose your adventure “The Captain and the Curse”.

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The Captain and the Curse art created by Victoria Casson.
The Captain and the Curse art created by Victoria Casson.
The Captain and the Curse art created by Victoria Casson.

Sample audio so you can hear the original musical talents of Atom James

The start of our story!
One of our endings!


Story: The Captain and the Curse

Author: Mark Jackson

Artist: Victoria Casson

Musician: Atom James

Original Voice Actor: Kevin Powe

Live Stream Hosts: Emily Craven


Can YOU see the ghosts that roam Port Adelaide? Are you brave enough to help a sailor lost in time find his way home before you too, are cursed?

The stones of Port Adelaide tell a story; the wind through the streets sings a sad, sad song. The history of the Port is long; many people have come here, yet some are trapped outside their time. If you listen closely, you can hear the calls of these ensnared souls’ You are charged with the duty of collecting repair parts and cargo for a ghost ship in Port.

Will you succeed in your quest to release the Ghost Trader from his curse, or will you become another of Port Adelaide’s mournful wraiths?