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Australia’s Own Pokemon Go

New Brisbane created app uses technology to promote actively exploring Australian cities.



TOPIC: Technology, kids’ health, urban exploration, activity, travel


LOCATION: – Brisbane – Gold Coast Adelaide


SUITABLE FOR: All ages. Stories rated from G to MA15+


MORE INFO: about.storycity.app


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0bmuHzkrrA


A new mobile app for Android and iOS is utilising cutting edge technology to get children – and their parents – active and exploring the cities in which they live. This Australian created, Pokemon Go style app, makes participants the heroes of their own real-life choose-your-adventures with stories from some of Australia’s most award-winning authors like Isobelle Carmody.


As mobile technologies become increasingly indispensible to our lives, millennials and kids are also becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile phones and tablets. This reliance on technology has been linked to such things as obesity and anti-social behaviour.


Now a FREE downloadable app called Story City is using this technology to inspire people to get active in cities across Australia. The Story City app, created in Brisbane thanks to funding from the Brisbane City Council Innovation Award, uses GPS technology to immerse readers in real-life choose-your-adventure stories.


‘Story City, like the Pokemon Go craze, utilises the real world as the game space. But unlike Pokemon Go your get to be in the hero of a story rather than just a player in a game,’ says creator of Story City, Emily Craven. ‘In fact, all our stories are set at locations where you’ll find Pokemon gyms and Pokestops, so you can catch Pokemon at the same time as taking part in one of our adventures!’


Would you rather be the Chosen One stopping an invasion, or a scientist searching the Brisbane Botanic Gardens for a cure to a plague? Or perhaps you’d rather solve the mysterious death of a ghost girl? The choices that you make take you on a unique journey through the city and parks, as well as through the story.


This is choose-your-own-adventure storytelling re-imagined for the digital age. Not only does the app proved compelling, entertaining and informative stories that young and old want to get out and do, it encourages exercise, curiosity and discovery. Families can do the adventures together and there are stories suitable for everyone.


In addition to this, Story City uses local writers, illustrators, musicians and voice-talent to produce the stories. This means that readers are exposed to a variety of local artist’s work, supporting a diverse and dynamic creative community.


The Story City app officially launches on Sunday August 7th 2016 at 5:30pm at This Must Be The Place gallery in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. The event will involve a Q&A with award-winning authors Isobelle Carmody and Kim Wilkins who have penned adventures for the app.



Photos, illustrations and interviews can be supplied. Media are invited to attend the event. See below:



Media Contact:

Emily Craven

ecraven (at) storycity (dot) com (dot) au.