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Will we be able to help an inept superhero save the day in Southbank, Brisbane? In this Adventure Hour we’re diving into choose your adventure “The Hero’s Apprentice”.

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The Hero’s Apprentice art created by Nancy Brown.
The Hero’s Apprentice art created by Nancy Brown.
The Hero’s Apprentice art created by Nancy Brown.

Sample audio so you can hear the original musical talents of Christopher Healey

The start of our story!
One of our endings!


Story: The Hero’s Apprentice

Author: Lauren Sherritt

Artist: Nancy Brown

Musician: Christopher Healey

Original Voice Actor: Kevin Powe

Live Stream Hosts: Emily Craven and Brett Ludwig


Every Hero needs an Apprentice, and this time you’ve been picked. Your Quest, should you choose to accept it, is to take back South Bank from the evil claws of the Dark Legion, all the while avoiding a ferocious band of avian spies and decoding the riddles provided by Oracles stationed around the cultural precint, who may or may not point you in the right direction. Will you choose to team up with the brawny and brave yet not-so-brainy Hero and head into Dark Legion territory, or will you run the other direction trying to avoid all this unwanted attention? Either way, you’ll find South Bank a changed place as you encounter adventure at every turn.