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Will we rescue or ruin a wedding with with creator Dimity Powell? In this Adventure Hour we’re diving into choose your adventure “The Chapel of Unlove”.

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The Chapel of Unlove art created by Ken Best.
The Chapel of Unlove art created by Ken Best.
The Chapel of Unlove art created by Ken Best.

Sample audio so you can hear the original musical talents of Jed Walters

The start of our story!
One of our endings!


Story: The Chapel of Unlove

Author: Dimity Powell

Artist: Ken Best

Musician: Jed Walters

Original Voice Actor: Ben Mackensie

Live Stream Hosts: Emily Craven, and Brett Ludwig


One missing bouquet, two missing rings. Will you save the day, or sabotage your godmother’s wedding?!

You godmother is about to marry the man of your nightmares, an Elvis impersonator named, Barry. Despite the stunning Sanctuary Cove Resort location they’ve chosen for their nuptials, things turn decidedly ugly when the wedding bouquet suddenly disappears along with your godmother’s antique wedding rings. As the official ring bearer, you’re torn between fulfilling your godmother’s dream wedding or eradicating all things Elvis from your life. Will you help them make it to the chapel on time or sabotage this clearly disastrous match?