This International Women’s Day, in the UN Decade for People’s of African Descent, in collaboration with our partners, Story City and the Aspire Artemis Foundation will provide a platform for diverse voices, especially those marginalized and underrepresented, to tell their authentic stories of their true and lived experience; stories of triumph and struggle; stories that prove that in the end, we are all human beings connected by a thin line of shared and lived experiences.

Join us for an exciting and fun filled program filled with documentary screening, musical and dance performances, breakout sessions and training workshops, as well as an after party! Tickets are complementary for non-profits, students, frontline workers, UN personal, teachers and educational institutes, and leaders of underrepresented communities.

March 8th 1:00pm – 5pm EST & March 9th 6:00pm – 8:30pm EST

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With the current push for intersectionality, inclusion, and racial equity globally, this event seeks to allow underrepresented groups to claim the power of shaping their own narratives through inclusive and innovative technology platforms. The power of stories to humanize and bridge cultures as well as connect people from diverse backgrounds cannot be denied. Technology allows us the unique privilege of traveling to diverse lands from the comfort of our own homes. In the same vein, stories transport us into other worlds we may have not imagined entering. This event endeavours to ensure the celebration of multiculturalism as a means towards bridging as opposed to creating divides.

It merges the act of creation and play with the drive towards increasing digital literacy, connection, and a greater diversity in STEM fields.

In this two session training, advocacy, and capacity development workshop series, you will not only share in the policies and lessons learnt from organizations across the globe in session one, but in session two, you will take part in interactive sessions which provide actionable methods for how we can use the arts, storytelling, and technology to unlock the potential of underrepresented and disadvantaged groups.

Day 1 Advocacy & Policy: March 8th 1:00pm – 5pm EST

Rigorous discussion, and sharing of lessons and actions on advocacy, digital literacy, and policy on remote learning and engagement of the diaspora. In day one you will be hearing from a diverse range of high-level speakers from heads of state, to UN departments, to cutting edge experts merging arts and culture with STEM fields, and featuring performances and documentaries from artist of the African diaspora.

Day 2 Application of Equalizing Technology to Create Impact and Change via Storytelling: March 9th 6:00pm – 8:30pm EST

Interactive breakout sessions and training on storytelling and community engagement. This session will involve informational panels, breakout sessions with storytelling experts in different industries taking your through mini-workshops in telling your story and inviting others into your stories, as well as short international performances and documentaries.

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We’ll see you there!

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