Are you an Edmonton-based visual artist? Have you been known to do portrait work? Think you could make 7 portrait art pieces by the 13th of Sept 2021 with a $7000 budget?

Whether you work with digital, physical, or mixed mediums we would love to see your portfolio of work if you’ve answered yes to those questions!

As part of an interactive storytelling project featuring the origin stories of Edmonton Startups, we are looking for an artist to create portraits for each startup highlighted in the project. These portraits would each feature a visual combination of the startup founder, the unique location in Edmonton where they talked about their story, and elements that indicate the theme behind the startup (eg. Food Security, digital inclusion and education, environmental sustainability etc). Find out more about the project here and check out some stills from the Origin Stories videos below.

We’re not looking for something corporate (boring!), rather we want these pieces to be vibrant, colourful, whimsical, and eye catching because they will be printed on banners which will hang gallery style in innovation spaces, and don booths at innovation conferences promoting Edmonton. Check out this mood-board below for the vibe we were going for:


Send us 3-4 samples of your portrait and other relevant work (in JPEG format) to ecraven (at) storycity (dot) com (dot) au, along with your contact information and what mediums (digital, physical, or otherwise) you would most likely use for the project.

Please don’t send us to a mass portfolio or social account where we struggle to find the pieces in your catalog that are relevant to what we’re looking for, we’re really looking for you to provide us with the best examples of why you would be a match for this project hence why we limit it to 3-4 samples via email.


  1. Location: Yes you must be Edmonton-based, we are highlighting Edmonton companies and we want to compliment that by highlighting Edmonton artists!
  2. Budget: There is not an additional budget for creation materials, that would need to be covered by the $7000 budget.
  3. Size: The art pieces themselves do not have to be banner size, if you are doing your piece in a physical or mix media format, we would need high resolution scans of the pieces from which we would enlarge the image to the appropriate size for the banner dimensions selected.
  4. Selection Process: We’ll be making a shortlist of artists by Weds the 16th of August, sending this shortlist to our partners to determine their preferences based on the portfolio samples, and then make our selection by the 18th of August.
  5. Deadlines: We are looking to have these art pieces by the 13th of September, which gives us a week to digitise and print them for display at the Inventures Conference in Calgary on the 22nd of September.
  6. Only One Opportunity: For the moment! But this will be the first of many opportunities for Story City projects in Edmonton, learn more about Story City here, and don’t forget to sign-up to be the first to hear about new opportunities and when our interactive storytelling creator tools beta will open to a small number of creators here!